It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve posted here.  I guess in some ways, that’s a good thing because since the middle of last December, I’ve been incredibly busy!

The biggest thing that caused my busyness is that I got a job.  A job that I can work from right here at home.  That allows me to continue to take care of M and be here to know what’s going on.  I KNOW this gift came from God and, dear Lord, I cannot thank you enough!

Beyond the job, I also got elected to be President of the local Ham Club of which I am a member.  My term was up in August and I got re-elected.  I care a lot about the club, but I keep thinking that I might be stretching myself too thin.

Regardless, here I am with October on the doorstep.  The job is going well.  The club is moving forward, and I haven’t focused much on the things I WANT to do for me.  One of those things is building a repeater here in Owensville.  Rick Gehlert and I decided a while back that we would do that and acquired all the requisite components.  Rick is kinda stove up right now, so there’s no better time than now.  We’ll be starting the construction this week and I think we’ll have it operational pretty quickly!

Of course, I have been optimistic about my projects before and my hopes have been dashed.  But maybe with Rick on board, we’ll bring this one to fruition pretty quickly.

Wish us luck!


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