… that something big was about to happen?  I don’t know about you, but I have noticed recently that although part of my mind would just like to kick back and rest for a while, the OTHER part of my brain seizes the opportunity to grab more knowledge and info and stuff itself absolutely FULL.  This then spills over into more projects with which to become involved!  Here’s the short list of my new and ongoing projects if anyone is interested:

  • Android App Development
  • A new blog for Mid Missouri Networks
  • Creating some new Video Blogs (I need my head examined, honestly!)
  • HotTrax Live to HotTrax Pulse Migration
  • HotTrax Remote development (Virtual Basic Development)
  • This personal blog (because SOMEONE needs to document the insanity!)

And of course, there’s always the ongoing support and management of the radio station and it’s DJs.

If you were to ask me why I am taking on so many projects at once, I’d tell you “Well, the boy just ain’t right!”  Call me crazy, but I have a very good feeling about the potential for some breakthrough success this year.  My mind is a buzzin!