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I’m really not sure I understand. Why is it that when I think I have the real lowdown on things I always get tripped up? It’s been happening all week and I don’t know how to stop it. I hope that someone has figured this out and has some good advice… 

The EchoLink node has been up and running well for quite a while now.  You might ask, why would you want to change anything about it?

Well, to be honest, it’s kinda boring!  Yeah, it works, and it’s providing a service.  We have a few people who use it fairly regularly.  The truth is that it’s somewhat limited though, and I’ve been researching a somewhat newer technology called Allstar Link.

The nice thing about Allstar Link is that it would allow for linking with any other Allstar Link node, it would continue to provide EchoLink access to the club’s repeater and it provides several alternative methods to connect to the node itself.  It can even be a complete repeater controller in itself, a use that I intend to explore in another separate project in the very near future.

So today, I ordered the interface I need to connect to the existing EchoLink radio.  I already have a testing Allstar Link node up and running and have connected to it from virtually every IP based device I own.  When the interface comes in, I’ll move the radio from the existing EchoLink computer to the Allstar Link computer and we’ll just have us some new Allstar Link fun!  Hopefully, it’ll sound as good as the current setup.