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I am currently attempting to organize a Technician’s Class Ham License exam prep session and test session for sometime in the near term future!  (Probably sometime in June!)  If you have any interest at all, and would be close by and would like to partake in a free class, and the test session afterward, please let me know.  This is still very fluid, and I’m shooting to have the class and test session in Sullivan, MO.  If you are close by and would like to become a ham, this is a great opportunity for you.  Pay attention to this site, or our club’s site at for more information!

but my license upgrade got listed today in the official FCC database! 😀

Ok, happy dance concluded.  Back to reality! LOL

Yesterday, after 25 years of being a licensed Ham operator, I achieved something I’ve wanted to do since my first day as a Ham.  I tested for and passed the license exam for the Amateur Radio Extra Class license.  I know this won’t mean much to most people, but it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I guess it’s time now for me to get busy and get that VE paperwork filled out.  Some of my friends have been wanting me to do that for a while now.  I think teaching and testing can be a good way for me to give back to the Ham community so that seems like the best “next step” I can make.  Hope I can convince some of my Ham friends to help put on a Technician Class sometime soon.

I am happy! (For now! LOL) 😀