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Never one to leave well enough alone, I have undertaken the build of version 3 of the N0NOE-R EchoLink machine. The goal of this rebuild is two fold: 1.) Convert the machine into a full fledged cross band repeater with …

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Just a quick shack update picture with the vhf and uhf twins sitting side by side! ūüôā

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Whew! ¬†I nearly gave up on this project several times. ¬†I can’t believe how long it took before I finally got it working right, but the EchoLink project is on the air and functioning the way it should. ¬†The audio …

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Ok, I admit that I didn’t read up on how to do this before I tried. ¬†I guess it’s that typically male characteristic of “we know how” that got in my way once again! ¬†(Don’t you think that at some …

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Arrrrgggghhhhh!!! Two dead hard drives in a row?? ¬†Seriously??? ¬†Something is really WRONG with this picture! I’m beginning to think that the Gods of EchoLink don’t want me to complete this system! ¬†I mean, cmon! ¬†I know other people who …

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I admit it! ¬†I have a THING¬†for Motorola radios! I started with one: ¬†A simple VHF Maxtrac that I use as my primary 2 meter radio. ¬†It’s simple to use, works extremely well, and I get great audio reports from …

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Ok, so a while back I decided I wanted to build an EchoLink node. ¬†After discussing my plan with my friend Paul (AA0GB), he got fully behind my building the node and setting it up to work on our favorite …

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