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Here We Go Again!

Never one to leave well enough alone, I have undertaken the build of version 3 of the N0NOE-R EchoLink machine. The goal of this rebuild is two fold: 1.) Convert the machine into a full fledged cross band repeater with

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Shack Update

Just a quick shack update picture with the vhf and uhf twins sitting side by side! ūüôā

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Well, it’s finally working!

Whew! ¬†I nearly gave up on this project several times. ¬†I can’t believe how long it took before I finally got it working right, but the EchoLink project is on the air and functioning the way it should. ¬†The audio

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Making the MT2000 Scan

Ok, I admit that I didn’t read up on how to do this before I tried. ¬†I guess it’s that typically male characteristic of “we know how” that got in my way once again! ¬†(Don’t you think that at some

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The Roller Coaster Continues…

Arrrrgggghhhhh!!! Two dead hard drives in a row?? ¬†Seriously??? ¬†Something is really WRONG with this picture! I’m beginning to think that the Gods of EchoLink don’t want me to complete this system! ¬†I mean, cmon! ¬†I know other people who

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Motorola Lust

I admit it! ¬†I have a THING¬†for Motorola radios! I started with one: ¬†A simple VHF Maxtrac that I use as my primary 2 meter radio. ¬†It’s simple to use, works extremely well, and I get great audio reports from

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My EchoLink Roller Coaster

Ok, so a while back I decided I wanted to build an EchoLink node.  After discussing my plan with my friend Paul (AA0GB), he got fully behind my building the node and setting it up to work on our favorite

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