Ok, I admit that I have tried this before, although NOT in this way!

I am excited to renew my efforts at having a personal website with an entirely fresh approach to things.  This will be my first attempt at using WordPress, so I ask your patience as I learn to use this package to it’s fullest!

I hope I am able to bring things of interest here, things you will enjoy reading and things that might stir your thoughts or a bit of controversy.  Comments are always welcome, but please understand that comments will be subject to the following guidelines:

  1. You must log in to leave comments.  This is an effort to control spam.
  2. Your first comment will be held for approval.  Once that one has been released, you will be allowed to publish comments freely.
  3. I might not publish your first comment, or I might delete your published comment.  Please don’t take offense, but this is my blog, and as such I will not tolerate jerks here.  Disagreeing with my opinion doesn’t qualify as being a jerk.

(A very sincere thank you to Gina Trapani, on whose Smarterware.org Blog I first found these rules!  They make perfect sense to me, and I hope she will approve of my “borrowing” them for my own use.)