Month: February 2011

HotTrax Pulse is here!

After a day of letting things settle out after the transition, I am very pleased to announce HotTrax new channel “HotTrax Pulse” !  This new channel replaces HotTrax Live and is focused predominantly on the Adult Contemporary genre.   Like

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My Friends are Incredible!

For a few days this past week, I actually thought I would get away with having a birthday over which my radio friends did not make a big deal! I could not have been more wrong!  Last night, during Bad

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“Hi, my name is Bill, and I’m a geekaholic!”

After bemoaning my own obsession with technically oriented web video (watching it morning, noon and night…yeah.. that’s obsessive!), and making that admission to my lovely north Texas lady, I was given a new tagline for my blog!  Now all I

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Watched this LIVE yesterday… all I can say is ME WANT!!!

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Chrome Scroll to Top Button

You may or may not know that I am a Chrome fanatic!  I know several of you out there are too!  I think you’re gonna love this…

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Too funny… and too true!

Check out THIS SITE…

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