We still buy oil from countries that hate us. In fact, in many ways, we are at their mercy when it comes to oil.

We have a great neighbor to the north, more than happy to sell us their oil at a reasonable price, relieving somewhat, our dependence on our current unholy alliance with the Middle East and South America. In fact, they have proposed to build a pipeline to bring it directly to our refineries. This project, called the Keystone Pipeline, would not only benefit us with cheaper, friendlier oil from a very stable partner, it would also generate thousands of much needed jobs at a time when jobs are needed so very badly in our country.

The only thing currently standing in the way of this pipeline being constructed is our President and the “debt” he owes to the ecology / green energy activists that helped get him elected. These people and their ideology would have us (and HAVE had us, remember Solyndra?) invest in technologies such as solar cells and wind farms that are NOT yet capable of supplying our energy needs at reasonable prices. Rather than investing in our own oil exploration, our President made $2 billion available to Brazil to further THEIR oil exploration. It’s as if he wants everyone BUT the USA and the US economy to prosper. So, once again, OUR LEADER (if you can even call him that any more) is standing in the way of progress we need to make our country energy independent. He’s standing in the way of much needed jobs (while at the same time he rails in public about how unemployment insurance benefits CREATE jobs…WTF???)

Pardon me for saying so, but this is just insane. Partisan politics and ideology are at the core of the President’s beliefs and actions about this project, and he’s just plain WRONG.

Mr. President and Washington, it’s time to get off your collective asses and DO THE RIGHT THING for USA. No excuses, no quarter, no bullshit! Get the HELL out of the way and let our country get healthy and become great again! Let the Keystone Pipeline construction begin NOW!

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